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Getting rid of cockroach is difficult as their hiding places are difficult to reach and as they produce large no of eggs cockroaches are difficult to eradicate and a comprehensive eradication program is essential. We provide expert cockroach pest management solution for cockroach eradication and prevention for Residential, Business Properties, Restaurants, Warehouses, Pubs, Offices and more.

Our Inspection Areas

Kitchen platform, Gas Stove, Cracks & Crevices in walls/ tiles, Storage Cupboards,Modular storage trolleys, Serving trolley, Gas Cylinder, Grinder/ Mixer, Microwave, Refrigerator, Drains & Drain covers,Window frames, Storage cartons, Prayer room, Washing machine, Toasters,Behind Water filter, Near & behind sink area, Near & behind wash basin, Behind mirror, Cutlery storage area, Dining table and chairs, Electric switches & cable duct, Behind frames, Bar area, Servants room, Bathroom & Toilet, Garbage areas, Drainages.


Cockroaches can lead to allergy related illness such as asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis and dermatitis and are carriers of various type of diseases such as poliomyelitis, typhoid, dysentery and gastroenteritis.

Cockroach Treatment


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