Mosquito Pest Control-Extermination,Prevention,Removal

Mosquitoes cannot be eliminated entirely, but we can reduce this pest to acceptable levels. Pest Care Services have devised a program in reducing the mosquito populations around your home and office. We cater to industrial mosquito pest control services,residential mosquito management services and commercial mosquito pest control services in mumbai.

Mosquito Fumigation Services

We cover Mosquito Pest Control Services in Mumbai and Free Mosquito Inspection from Churchgate upto Dahanu Road & CST upto Mulund which includes Mosquito Fumigation. We also provide Mosquito Pest Control Fumigation outside Mumbai according to the clients requirements. We have operatives located strategically in all major areas to offer 1 hour response time for call-outs for emergencies.


Arboviral encephalitides,Dengue fever,Malaria,West nile virus,Yellow fever,Heartworm.

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