Termite Proofing

With termites of course, everyone is aware of the serious damage that they can do to properties which is why they are so feared.They are also called as “White Ant” although they are not associated with ant family.They live in colonies, and have a Queen which lay as many as 2,000 eggs in single day.Finding the nest in which King and the Queen live, is the most important stage of termite control.

Once you discover a termite,call on a termite treatment pest control expert who will be able to eliminate them by destroying their colony. A professional pest control termite treatment company help will resolve the problem completely, although the treatment chemicals are readily available in market which will not be able to eradicate termite permanently.

Anti Termite Treatment Locations

We cover Termite Pest Control in Mumbai and Free Termite Inspection from Churchgate upto Dahanu Road and Termite Control Services from Mumbai CST upto Mulund. We also provide Termite Pest Control Services outside Mumbai according to the clients requirements. We have operatives located strategically in all major areas to offer 1 hour response time for call-outs for emergencies.

Facts about Termites

Termites never sleep and never take a break, they are always working 24 Hours! The total termite population is heavier than total human population in the world. In her entire lifetime a Termite Queen can produce 35-60 million eggs.She can live for more than 10 Years and can produce 10,000 eggs per week .

Termite Pest Control Inspection Areas

Locations closer to the soil,soil to Wood contact areas,wardrobes and cupboard,dark and damp locations,leaking roof area,foundation slabs and crack area,exterior walls etc.

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